woman making a heart shape with her hands over her abdomen

To Know Me Is To Love Me – OXOX, your body

We live in them, we dress them to look their best, we paint them, smooth lotion on them and keep them clean. We make certain that they look the best…but often ignore, medicate or deny when they don’t feel good. Many of us do not give our body the best, most nutritious fuel even though we know better! We know we should move more, but do we?

Tony Robbins says “a lot of people know what to do but don’t do what they know.” Why is that? What changed it for me was 1. Understanding how my body worked 2. Why my body reacts the way it does and most importantly 3. Knowing that I deserve to look and feel my best and 4. I changed the way I felt about food, fuel, and freedom. I’m a nutritional consultant with seven years of training and have been learning, experimenting, and sharing for forty. It all began with my mother’s undiagnosed diabetes in 1973. I’ll be sharing that with you in the first of the series.

The focus on our bodies will be for the first four months. Much of that work will include our mind and spirit…we are seeking balance…all positive evolution includes all three.

The digestive system is first, on February 17 at 2:00 Eastern, it will change how you eat. Followed by “Food Combining Myths” on February 24 at 2:00., changing on what you eat with what. We will be taking action! We will build momentum!


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