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We have all been feeling a little lost, isolated (in so many ways) and confused. Why wouldn’t we? Our homes have become our office, we have become cooks, teachers and equalizers. We’ve yet to settle into our “new normal”, our nurturing skills and patience are freaking maxed out. We’re everything to everyone…constantly…with no time for ourselves, our friends or our own self nurturing. Know that you are not alone. You have been heard, we’re your beacon, helping you move forward with grace, in harmony, grounded (pun intended) and a renewed sense of purpose. Its no accident that you’re here.  Take advantage of our classes, fresh ideas, and paradigm shift adjustments.  This is a judgement-free community of shared interest, common goals and like minds. Here, women, who are hungry for more than pictures, postings and advertisements, will find content, groups and discussions. It will be fun! Born from a vision, driven by perseverance, created by need.

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