The My Body Mind Spirit


Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time. The world right now is creating an environment where women are overworked, undervalued, and overwhelmed– leaving us feeling alone and isolated, and we lack the time to form new bonds. This is why My Body Mind Spirit was founded; women need a safe, non-judgemental online community. 

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Membership to My Body Mind Spirit provides exclusive access to 12 months of courses, community, coaching, a book club, challenges, live events, and self-discovery.

What we do

How Our Community Works


Meet With A Mentor

 As a member, after you have taken the "Happiness Assessment" if you are uncertain of where to go to next, schedule a meeting with a mentor.



This is where you can meet like minded women, hold discussions and discuss obstacles. We do not talk about politics or religion. We ask that remain respectful of each other and your privacy. What gets chatted about, stays here.  

Book Club

As a member, you have the opportunity to join our book club. We will be meeting the second and fourth Thursday of every month. Check the events.

Community Challenges

Every month we will have an appropriately themed challenge. It is open to everyone. Kick off will be the first Monday of every month at 3:00.


Live Streaming Events

Many free classes, events and challenges will be live in our private Face Book group, so make sure to join!

Self Discovery & Growth

So many opportunities to change the way think and feel, learn about ourselves and our bodies and have meaningful discussions about spirituality and self-exploration.