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Free Course: Why can’t I get out of my own way?

80% of courageous women hold themselves back – negative self talk, limiting beliefs, and self sabotage. 

Self-sabotage follows a predictable pattern. Awareness of HOW it shows up in your life will help you recognize it when it does show up so that you can take action to nip it in the bud.

Think of self-sabotage as a misdirected form of self-love. Your brain is moving you toward self-sabotaging behaviors because it thinks that it’s protecting you from hurt and danger – when in reality, it’s holding you back from your full potential.

I’ll share 4 secrets to unlock your potential and kick self sabotage to the curb!

Meet your instructor:

Debra Loader, of Living Well Coaching, is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.  She specializes in Resilience and Strategy.  Debra works with professional women who are exhausted from trying to do it all – physically exhausted, mentally or emotionally exhausted, or spiritually exhausted. She has been in that place of serving from an empty cup and can she lead you to sanity and peace.  Debra believes that healthy doesn’t have to be hard and if you feel healthy and vibrant, anything else in your life is possible.