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Free Course: Avoiding Self Sabotage

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Have you ever set a goal?  Or even a New Years resolution?  Most of us, right?  Did you make some progress on your goal, felt a little proud of yourself, and then poof!!  Something happened?  There went your goals, fell off the health wagon, or whatever you were working on?  What is that dreaded “poof”?  Self Sabotage!

I’ll share 4 secrets to unlock your potential and kick self sabotage to the curb!

Meet Your Instructor: Debra Loader

Debra Loader, of Living Well Coaching, is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.  She specializes in Resilience and Strategy.  Debra works with professional women who are exhausted from trying to do it all – physically exhausted, mentally or emotionally exhausted, or spiritually exhausted. She has been in that place of serving from an empty cup and can she lead you to sanity and peace.  Debra believes that healthy doesn’t have to be hard and if you feel healthy and vibrant, anything else in your life is possible.

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